Who we are



We are a team of technical experts with high professional level and international experience in the sector of sustainable development and research.

Our expertise embraces energy and environmental engineering, finance, economics and management at project and strategic level.

Carlo Tacconelli

Co-founder and CEO


Carlo is the EnGreen co-founder and CEO. He is an engineer with 15 years professional experience specialized in the sector of off-grid and on-grid renewable energy systems, environment impact and low carbon technologies. Carlo has gained experience working in project design, execution and operation of renewable energy plants as well as on climate change adaptation and mitigation actions with United Nations.
Carlo’s Academic background in short: PhD in Decentralised Energy Systems for Developing Countries; Master of Science in Environmental Engineering.

Valeria Gambino

Co-founder and COO

Valeria is an engineer with more than 15 years professional experience specialized in the sector of off-grid renewable energy systems, energy efficiency and green housing. Valeria has gained experience as as proposal designer, technical advisor and coordinator in renewable energy projects, working on the whole project process, and for both profit and no-profit organizations.
Valeria’s academic background in short: PhD in Off-grid Renewable Energy Systems; Second Level Professional Master in Development Cooperation and Project Design.

Paolo Cherubini

R&D Supervisor


Paolo is a chemical engineer who recently earned a PhD at the University of Pisa working on off-grid energy systems. He joins EnGreen’s team as Energy Analyst and R&D specialist, focusing on data analysis, energy needs assessment, training and capacity building activities.

Francesco Roncallo

Business Development


Francesco is a Mechanical Engineer with a PhD in energy systems. He has gained experience as proposal and project manager for different energy related topics, having a specific focus on sustainability and capacity building aspects. Thanks to his collaborations with many different Institutions, he can take advantage of a wide partner network among Europe, Africa and Latin America.

Paolo Bucci

Energy Unit Italia Coordinator

Paolo is an architect with 8 years of experience in architectural design, urban planning and design. He collaborated for many years with various construction companies, managing public and private sites. Paolo also has a wealth of experience in tenders and competitions. He joins the EnGreen team as a coordinator of the Italy Energy Unit, working in particular on energy efficiency and PV power generation.
Paolo’s academic Background in short: Master of Science in Architecture; First Level course KlimaHaus in Bolzano.

Chiara Mastromonaco

Strategy Advisor

Chiara is a pragmatic and creative entrepreneur, marketing expert and management lecturer. After working for several years in the Fashion Industry as Marketing Manager, in 2015 she founds an innovative start-up operating in the FoodTech sector, pursuing the objective of shortening the supply chain and therefore of giving a concrete opportunity to ‘Agrifood’ producers to sell directly to their customers growing, competing and innovating. In 2020 she then founds her second startup focused on Sustainable Fashion giving a voice to international fashion designers and artists.
Chiara’s academic background in short: Scholarship (17K) at Biella Master delle Fibre Nobili; BA (Hons) International Business Management, International Marketing at Nottingham Trent University, London.

Marco Carlucci

Project Officer


Marco joined EnGreen’s team two years ago as Energy Engineer for technical advisory activities, after graduating from Sapienza University of Rome. Now he is our Project Officer for electrification projects in developing countries, and as such he deals with Renewable Energy Generation Plants, Hybrid and Multi-source mini-grids and is involved in all the implementation phases, from preliminary feasibility study to site management activities.

Chiara Esperti

Energy Efficiency Architect


Chiara is a senior architect with more than 10 years of experience in designing, construction supervision, asseveration of construction and cadastral files, certification of energy performance for buildings in Lazio region. In EnGreen, Chiara joins the Italy Unit as Energy Efficiency Architect, supporting the contribution towards energy transition in the country. 
Chiara’s academic Background in short: Degree in Architecture in 2006, sworn in the professional order with the number 18851; Certificate in design of the building-plant system in line with Law 10/91. 

Simone Paolacci

Project Engineer

Simone recently graduated from Sapienza University of Rome in Energy Engineering. He joins EnGreen’s team as Project Engineer, focusing in particular on the projects related to energy efficiency and on design of renewable plants.

Eleonora Semprini

Technical Assistant


Eleonora recently graduated in architecture from La Sapienza University of Rome, focusing her studies on humanitarian architecture. She just joined EnGreen’s team as a technical assistant, working mainly on projects related to energy efficiency in Italy.

Davide Ceretti

Project Manager


Davide is an engineer with 17 years professional experience, passionate about Energy Infrastructures and Sustainability. He has a particular interest in the Energy Transition Strategies, PV development, EPC, and company management. Davide is specialized in development and management of projects in both off-grid and on-grid renewable energy systems and gained his experience across Africa and Asia, working with Governmental Actors, international NGOs and private sector investors as well, coordinating multi stakeholders’ programs with a strong focus on socio-economic development, environment and energy nexus thematic.

Davide academic background in short: Master of Engineering (Meng – Industrial Engineering) and a post degree Master in Human Rights and Humanitarian Intervention.

Roberta Alonzo

Business Development


Following an academic path in Political Science and International Relations, Roberta specialized in the field of international project management. She worked for more than 6 years as a Project manager with international no-profit organizations between Tanzania, South Sudan and Lebanon, managing emergency response and sustainable development projects. Thanks to these challenging experiences she developed a set of state-of-the-art managerial skills and the capability to approach international and multicultural contexts.