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Our Mission is to build a long-lasting business relationship based on trust and competency in order to achieve tangible results on energy access, low-carbon technologies and climate change mitigation through innovative business models to de-risk investments.

EnGreen, as tied client’s partner, ensures a smooth implementation of all the project phases, from identification to operations, including monitoring & evaluation plus, last but not least, coaching.

We strive for strategies embracing an integrated approach for sustainable development.

We engage different players (governments, funds, developers, EPCs, providers, communities) to ignite a fruitful interaction for project success.


  • Cross-cutting Competencies
  • Orientation on Results
  • Team-working and Networking
  • Social Responsibility
  • Passion and Commitment
  • Integrity and Fair Play

Sharing Skills


Our Vision is to create a better world where theEnGreen Attitude’ will be the backbone of countries’ policies: from energy infrastructures to sustainable mobility, driving the decontamination of urban, industrial and rural settlements.

Dealing with climate change effects in both developing and industrialized countries represents an urgent matter .

In this scenario, we believe in multi-sector programs that put in practice effective and viable solutions for sustainable development: water, food, energy, infrastructures do work together to foster economic growth and livelihood improvement.

EnGreen strives for facing this global challenge.

Energy & Sustainable Development


We are a team of technical experts with high professional level and international experience in the sector of sustainable development and research.

Our expertise embraces energy and environmental engineering, finance, economics and management at project and strategic level.

We are specialized in climate change mitigation strategies, rural electrification, off-grid and grid-connected renewable energy systems, sustainable housing and water & sanitation as well as in business incubation and training.

Our strength is a cross-cutting background in dealing with distinct actors within the international cooperation framework: private companies (investors, contractors, providers), no-profit organizations, academia (universities, research centers) and financing entities.

Our multi-skilled team allows us to provide high-quality service delivery over the entire project life cycle. Go to Who we are

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